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Factual Reality Roleplay (PR-RP Refunds) (0.3x)

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Factual Reality Roleplay (PR-RP Refunds) (0.3x) 2eoh5yd

Backround Information

Factual Reality Roleplay was opened yesterday by "Redbull" aka Ron Tyson. The main goal of Factual Reality Roleplay is to provide a unique and "capital" experience. Another goal is to get PR-RP players back to the latest pr-rp script where they can actually play at and enjoy. The server just opened for public yesterday and we reached around 20 players, and we hope to expand our playerbase daily. We're on hosted tab, and we have bought IPB forums, which are currently under construction, along with a custom homepage(www.fr-rp.info). This server was established/founded at September 16, 2013.


We have a variety of features including a new furniture system, tap water system in houses, a custom cellphone sustem, gun right system, cocaine rights system, a toy system, LSPD 0.3x hat system, custom level system, custom register system, custom AFK system, and much more. In Factual Reality Roleplay we also offer a variety of different jobs, including the pizza boy job, garbage man, sweepers, and much more. We have a lot of features for you explore yourself, so come give us a try you won't regret it.

Server Information

Server IP:

Forums: www.fr-rp.info

TS3: Under Construction.

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