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Cisco City Roleplay

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1Cisco City Roleplay Empty Cisco City Roleplay on Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:39 pm


Cisco City Roleplay Ciscoc10
Cisco City Roleplay Ts
Currently Down

Our website: www.ciscocityrp.com
Our IP:
About Us

•Our Sever has unique features
•We are a hard working admin team to maintain rules and high quality roleplay
•We have nice and friendly admin team
•We have many factions you can join
•We have many 0.3e Features
•Weekly or daily updates sometimes
•We have custom maps
•we have a unique script
•We have 200 players registered
•We have a friendly community

Unique Mappings
- Our server has many unique mappings.
- We have a custom housing system at one side of Fort Carson, where you /buyhouse at a icon next to the door, and you just walk in instead of /enter.
- We're adding furniture shops where you can buy furniture for the side of the custom/unique housing.
- Our server also has a shopping centre with shopping karts, and theres no /enter in there either, you just walk in without any page loading at all.
- We have a unique gas station in Fort Carson.
- We have a unique airport mapped into Fort Carson.
- We have a unique FBI HQ.
- We have a unique Donut Shop - construction site.
- We have a unique FCSD HQ coming soon.
- We have a unique FD station(Credits:Boo).
- A very unique mechanic job spot.
- Unique Coalmining job.
- Basicly everywhere you look in the server, theres something unique.

Why should you join us?
- We're a hard working community.
- We hit 20 players the first day we opened[4 months ago].
- We treat everyone with respect, and kindness.
- We have weekly, sometimes daily updates to the server.
- We have many unique maps.
- We have many sidejobs that you can use, [No wait time for /quitjob].
- Our server is based in Fort Carson
- We switched our server to France about a month ago for less lagg and better gameplay.
- If you join us, the higher the playerbase goes and you invite your friends, the higher chance of another admin spot to be open for you.

More About us
- We just opened a few days ago after being locked for a month due to the owners going on vacation.
- We have a stable playerbase now which is pretty low so w'ere looking to re-build the community once again.
- If there are more players there are more admin slots open and more FCSD and FCFD and EMS slots open to join.
- We started this server about 7 months ago and it's never been down since.
- We are looking to make this one of the best servers in Fort Carson with your help.
- We will appreciate any mapping help or any help with getting players on the server.
- We have a very very unique script and we're proud to share it with everyone here.[/b]

This is our unique shopping centre.
Cisco City Roleplay 246jnzs
Cisco City Roleplay 23vceo5
Cisco City Roleplay 16rtc1
Cisco City Roleplay 16rtc1
Cisco City Roleplay 6ge9o2
Cisco City Roleplay 15zihk6

This is our unique basketball courts
Cisco City Roleplay 2nv5yfb

This is our unique housing system(No /enter just walk in)
Cisco City Roleplay Ofab9v
Cisco City Roleplay 16bn9yd

This is our unique gas station
Cisco City Roleplay 2rw2ijo

There are many more things inside this unique server based in Fort Carson, just come in game and experience it yourself! we hope to see you in the server.


2Cisco City Roleplay Empty Re: Cisco City Roleplay on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:12 pm


Server has been updated and the ip has been changed to with a new server name Universal Roleplay, it's been up for 1 year now with the new name.


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