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[ENG || 0.3z]Best Generation Roleplay

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Best Generation Roleplay (BG-RP) is a roleplay community for SA-MP which was around from early 2009 to late 2013 but closed due to the owners myself (Alex Stubrin) and Fresh leaving for personal life issues. We re-launched in March 2014 but due to management issues we closed our doors again and decided to re-open with a newer staff team in November 2014 with staying around and being successful once again in mind.

A number of changes have been done to BG-RP to make it even better than before. As a lot of you know it became one of the top known communities in English strict roleplay for SA-MP, gaining upwards of over 50 players online at once daily from 2009 to 2012.

Our reputation was known for coming up with unique ideas into the roleplay scene known ones such as the furniture system, TLS, spawning exactly where you disconnected instead of choosing, ability to place objects outside your property and house renovation system. And we are planning to keep up with that reputation even with our current beta release.

Our reputation was also known as a get-away free card community where the staff team didn't force rules, and the strict RP aspect we had wasn't being forced correctly. Since re-opening BG-RP it has been my personal goal to keep active and keep the administration team under control and monitored and to make sure to bring in new fresh faces into the team and to keep things organized and rules forced.

So what does BG-RP have to offer ?
● BG-RP now has a new friendly aspect which includes the staff team to help provide a easy way to get around the community.
● BG-RP is under it's own dedicated server with OVH in UK London, which includes DDoS protection to keep us online all the time.
● BG-RP is now under a custom UCP designed specifically for us and is maintained by us.
● BG-RP has many long-time loyal members which allows us to have a friendly community which do not want to obtain the rulebreaker reputation.
● BG-RP has a new scratch made gamemode which was made specially for the re-opening in March.
● BG-RP has new updates and bug fixes provided to the gamemode daily by experienced scripters.
● BG-RP is now a actual strict RP SA-MP server.
● BG-RP is not afraid to show the community to the public as you can see at our forums.
● BG-RP has its own game-mp account and will always be on the hosted list.
● BG-RP provides the most secure ways possible to keep your information private and safe.
● BG-RP now has a more realistic economy in-game and money is monitored to help keep exploits away.

So how do I join ?
You can register right away by visiting our Forums at b-g.forumbuild.com. If you are unsure of how to register Just enter the game at the IP:

If you have never been to a Strict roleplay server before and need help learning how to play on a strict roleplay server, you can do so by checking out our new player forums available to the public. If you have any questions or need any help you can also sign up on our forums and use our help desk.

BG-RP's information
Website: www.b-g.forumbuild.com
Game Server IP:
Teamspeak IP: Very soon.

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